Woman reports rape at gay strip club Swinging Richards in Atlanta

Atlanta police are investigating a report of a woman who was allegedly raped by two dancers at Swinging Richards.

The club along Northside Drive is widely known as a gay strip club in Atlanta.

The victim told officers she was raped at the club by two strippers around midnight on June 9.

She told officers she had seven shots before heading to the club that night. She admitted to being intoxicated at the club during the incident, according to Atlanta police reports.

The woman claimed to have bought a lap dance from one of the strippers sometime before midnight.

She also recalled having several of the strippers walk her to the bar, according to police reports.

After paying for a dance, she told officers she remembered being escorted to the VIP room with two to three strippers.

While in the VIP room, the victim said the strippers began having sex with her on the table, according to police reports.

Another customer at the club told investigators he witnessed the woman giving a stripper oral sex.

The victim told police she could not identify the men in the incident.

Adult-US.com Comments: I am sure the 7 shot she had ‘before’ she even arrived had nothing to do with this. And I guess not all the dancers are gay there…

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