12 arrested in Mount Laurel,NJ prostitution sting

MOUNT LAUREL— Twelve men were arrested here this week after township police conducted a reverse prostitution sting at a hotel on Route 73.

Police Chief Dennis Cribben Jr. said the operation, done in conjunction with officers from Cherry Hill and Westampton, was part of an ongoing effort to eliminate the sex for sale business at the township’s 26 hotels and motels.

Cribben said an ad was posted online with a phone number to call. The calls were answered by a police officer posing as a prostitute.

Appointments were then set up at the hotel, which Cribben would not identify.

“The phone started ringing about 10 minutes after the ad went up,” said Cribben. “Within six hours, we arrested 11 men from South Jersey and one from Pennsylvania. And there were multiple other interested parties that we couldn’t get to.”

The 12 men, ranging in age from 25 to 57, are from a number of towns including Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Medford and Pennsauken.

They were all charged with engaging in prostitution and two were also slapped with loitering charges.

“With the cluster of hotels we have in Mount Laurel, this type of crime is, unfortunately, a convenient one. But we will continue to work diligently until these prostitution organizations are eliminated,” Cribben said.

The operation was funded in part by MAGLOCLEN (Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network), a national network of law enforcement coalitions from around the country.

Adult-US Comments: I can’t believe that this isn’t entrapment and is a complete waste of law enforcement resources and taxpayer money. Surely there is more serious crime occurring in New Jersey then this… When is the US going to get off it’s Victorian high horse and decriminalize or legalize prostitution. When done correctly, it is a VICTIMLESS crime and also the only crime where money alone makes an activity a crime. Many countries in Europe and South America have legalized prostitution and hasn’t caused any problems, in fact it has made it much safer for both parties involved and also generates revenue.

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